Dwight Mackintosh: The Boy Who Time Forgot


by John MacGregor

96 pp ; 50 color and B/W photographs
Published in 1990
Publisher Creative Growth Art Center

Creative Growth's first monograph investigates the work of internationally renowned artist Dwight Mackintosh, who ranks as one of Outsider Art's most celebrated artists. Mackintosh's fascinating and kinetic works of figures, inventive writing, and flights of fancy have been regularly included in major exhibitions and collections throughout the world.

For more information about Dwight Mackintosh and his artwork, click here.

About the Author
John MacGregor, Ph.D. is a Princeton-trained art historian and a recognized authority on psychiatric and outsider art. Dr. MacGregor was the 1990 recipient of the Ernst Kris Prize of the American Society of the Psychopathology of Expression.

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