Container Textiles


Simple stitch and obsessive repetition is the approach used to create this group of soft-sculptural containers, produced during a Creative Growth visiting artist workshop with Oakland-based textile artist and Creative Growth studio instructor, Dalia Anani.

Creative Growth artists Barbara Mealey, Cedric Johnson, VJ Williamson, Maureen Clay, and Kristian Cheek explore the art of fiber and coil basketry, with the final result landing firmly between reclaimed craft and highly contemporary objects. 

Sizes vary.

Barbara Mealey basket measures 8 inches in diameter x 5 inches deep.

Cedric Johnson wall hanging measures 15 inches wide x 14 inches long x 1 inch deep.

VJ Williamson basket measures 5 inches in diameter x 2 inches deep.

Maureen Clay basket measures 12 inches in diameter x 5 inches deep.

Kristian Cheek basket measures 11 inches in diameter x 4 inches deep.

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