NEW! Creative Growth Magazine Issue 2: The Heart of Love


Creative Growth Magazine

Issue Number 2: The Heart of Love

The second issue of our magazine is dedicated to love: the love for our community, the love for our families, the love of beauty, freedom, and a better tomorrow.

The Creative Growth Magazine presents a variety of articles, interviews, and artwork to showcase the creative talent and energy of both the artists and staff.

Features articles with Creative Growth artists Terri Bowden, Zina Hall, Jane Kassner, Dwight Mackintosh, Aurie Ramirez, Larry Randolph, Lulu Sotelo, Ron Veasey and many more. Also included is a letter-pressed poem from Monica Valentine in Braille.

Edited by Kathleen Henderson and Matt Haber

Designed by Brent Nuñez and Emily Rea

Photographs by Kalia Bonnie and Melissa Kaseman

11 x 8.5 x .5 in; 144 pp.

Published in May 2017

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